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It’s frustrating to find the perfect item, jump in to learn more, and find that it’s out of stock. We leveraged our Visual Search algorithm to change that.

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UPDATE: Class Filtering


Repeatedly in user testing sessions, we heard users wonder aloud why the rug they were looking at was producing results for wall art, or why a coffee table they uploaded was showing end tables. There's a simple answer for this: the visual search algorithm occasionally picks up multiple product classes when it focuses on an item. However, we weren't showing customers what classes Through this testing, we ran into a question: 

When the Visual Search algorithm picks up on multiple product classes, how can we let customers narrow in on the right one?

I focused on interactive class filters as a non-intrusive way to let our users narrow down. The filters should be there for the customer when she wants them, but not interfere with her browsing. 

During an ideation sprint, I produced the three above options. The first option showed all detected classes as active filters, which the customer could "X" out of to stop showing that class. The second used Wayfair's standard filter component. The third showed all detected classes as inactive filters, and let the user click one to filter down to just that class.

Ultimately, we decided to go with the third option. This option provides the user with visual feedback of what classes have been selected (which the 2nd option did not) and makes selecting the desired class as simple as one click (which the 1st and 2nd both didn't).

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