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Responsive Web Design

& Implementation


Gypsy Soul Brewing Company is a start-up craft brewery operating out of Red Bank, New Jersey. Its owner, Stephen LaMarca, is currently seeking funding to build a taproom in Red Bank, and was in need of a professional website to help showcase his beers and engage with the community. 

My Role

Steve asked me to completely overhaul his site to help his brand stand out. His chief concerns revolved around providing information about his beers and forthcoming taproom, generating a mailing list and connecting with the Red Bank community. 

In addition, Steve asked that I work on the appearance of his logo, to help him solidify the brand. 


Logo Design

Steve's wife had sketched out a simple logo for the company. He asked that I run with the crossed-arrows concept, and create something that could be used on labels, the website, custom glasses and promotional items. I created one clean concept, and one concept with a textured edge. 

Web Design

Stephen had a rudimentary web site that did not showcase his product, or amplify his brand in a meaningful way. Steve asked that I build him a site from the ground-up, that would educate the craft beer community about his product, and help him connect with them. 


In order to help Steve with his primary objective of building a mailing list, I included a CTA above the fold, in the footer, and on the "Find Us" page.

After learning more about his company, which is family-operated and community-focused, I decided  to prominently feature the brand's story. The idea behind this is to highlight the connection between Red Bank locals and Gypsy Soul, which will be the first full-operation brewery in the popular vacation town.


Finally, I created large-as-life hero images to call attention to the Gypsy Soul product. Each beer can be individually selected, or the user can check out his complete list of brews directly. The "Our Brews" page features a card-style layout for easy content management, and each beer has its own detail page, to provide curious beer enthusiasts with all the facts about each of GSBC's artisan brews. 

Design Process

Paper Prototyping
Two Wireframes for Client's Review
Final Home Page Design

Next Steps

The GSBC Team has been really happy with how the design has turned out. 


I am currently working on implementing the site in HTML5/CSS3, and plan for it to go live by mid-February, 2017.

Steve is working on writing the final copy for the site, which I will edit and implement upon completion. 

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